Oryx Trail


Click on one of the ‘clues’ at the bottom of the page.


The link will open the What3words app.

Choose the satellite image for the map. This will show you the satellite image of the resort and the location of the clue.

You can use the map only to navigate to the clue. Or..

Click the ‘navigate’ button and choose the ‘compass’ option to point to the direction to the clue.

ONLY use the COMPASS – other maps will not work

Using the compass option you will see the distance to the clue in metres. This distance will decrease the closer you get to the clue.

When the distance reaches 0 to 4 metres away, start to look for the clue.

Only collect the Oryx Trail clues.

There are 12 clues to find and you must stay as a team.

The clues will be questions. Answers will be numbers, pictures, or a problem to solve.

Record your answers in your telephone.

At the end of the ‘hunt’ WhatsApp your answers to the following link:

It is possible to use the map. But, you will need to use the app to find the clue.

‘CLICK’ the links below to start and use the NAVIGATE button on your app to find the clues.

You can choose to find the clue in any order but the last clue, number 12 is the same for everyone.


Clue 0 – practice
Clue 1
Clue 2 – Take a team photo
Clue 3
Clue 4
Clue 5
Clue 6
Clue 7 – Video a team dance – 10 seconds
Clue 8
Clue 9
Clue 10
Clue 11 – Team photo
Final clue…finish Clue 12