Summer Staycation – Oman 2021

Staying in Oman this summer?… Take advantage of the best places to visit for a unique adventure and the opportunity to ‘beat-the-heat’.

If Covid-19 has forced you to stay at home this summer, there are a number of adventures for families, groups and FIT’s (Frequent Independent Travels). It could also be a welcomed opportunity for businesses to re-connect after a frustrating year of inactivity and the opportunity to meet fellow workers.

Our top 2 destinations this summer are Masirah Island and Jebel Shams, including our newly launched KitesurfOman website offering a range of Kitesurf options.

Masirah Island

Masirah Island – influenced by the southern Khareef during the summer months and cooling winds from Salalah, it is an ideal destination to relax and enjoy the island life. We are offering a number of package options with our partner Masirah Island Resort, where we have our own glamping tents and options for resort room stays.

Activities are ideal for kitesurfers of all abilities at the amazing kite-spots around the island. When its not windy, or for a change of activity, explore the island by bike or hike and relax with a Yoga session from our in-house Yoga instructor Amelia.

Jebel Shams

Sun Mountain, the Grand Canyon of the Middle East and offering a fantastic climate at over 2000 meters above sea-level. Our partnership with the Jebel Shams Resort has allowed us to offer a small range of activities to form our Adventure Experience retreats for families, FITs and small groups. Staying at the resort offers a range of accommodation and combined with our outdoor activities for the whole family, it makes the perfect summer retreat.

Choose activities and accommodation options from our promotion and make a booking for the family this summer.

Covid-19… Our offers will always depend upon the current status of the Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions on travel, but we are hoping for a positive return to tourism within the Sultanate. To maintain the ‘bubble’ of the family or small groups, take advantage of the options we are offering through our staycation packages. If borders open and the opportunity for our Gulf neighbours allows, its a the perfect mini-vacation. We follow Covid-19 procedures and precautions with all activities.